Campaign suspension

Reacting to the attacks in Manchester, John Bercow said:

“I support entirely the decision of the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition and other party leaders to suspend campaigning and I have done so myself.

“I am horrified by this indescribably evil attack on a group of young, innocent people and I utterly condemn it.

“I applaud the efforts of the emergency services and the generosity of the people of Manchester in responding as they have done.  Despicable attacks such as this cause untold hurt and pain to the friends and families of those killed and injured and I offer them my heartfelt sympathy.

“Those who seek to destroy our way of life will never triumph because their actions unite decent people everywhere in standing together for civilised values.  We will mourn those who lost their lives and come together as a country, more determined than ever to promote the ideals of tolerance, democracy, freedom and the rule of law.”