John shares the view of most Buckingham constituency residents that new housing should be located where there is local need and should make adequate provision for infrastructure improvements.

John is not against building new homes per se – the simple fact is that the population is growing, and new residents will need houses to live in. However, there is a difference between managing such growth with the best interests of the community at heart, and allowing developers motivated by making money to take advantage.

Once we have a Local Plan in place, John hopes that the situation will improve. However, it will not mitigate totally against developers aiming to make a quick profit. In Princes Risborough in the south of the constituency in an area not affected by the rejection of AVDC’s Local Plan, John has objected to several such speculative applications, including one that would build houses on the much-loved Molins Sports Ground, which should remain as a community facility.

The list of areas in the Buckingham constituency affected by developers chancing their luck in the hope of making a quick buck would also be a list of nearly every ward in our area.