Bercow Makes his case for another term

John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons, is seeking re-election in the snap General Election called for 8 June 2017.

Explaining his reasons for seeking re-election in a personal message to voters in Buckingham, John Bercow, said:

“Naturally, politicians and political parties will disagree about much in the course of this election. On one subject, however, there should be a degree of consensus. Once the ballot papers have been counted, the country will have a few challenging years as we seek to establish a new relationship with the European Union.

“In the House of Commons, for example, this could require as many as 15 different new laws, some of which will be very complicated and highly technical in nature. During this process, I believe that Parliament and the nation would be best served by a very experienced Speaker with an established track record of efficiency, fairness and sensitivity to all sides in an argument.

“It is on that basis as well as my local record as your MP that I seek re-election on 8th June.”

“For 20 years, I have worked hard for local people. Taking up individual problems. Fighting campaigns to keep the best and improve the rest in our area. Visiting schools, health services, businesses, charities and faith groups across the constituency week in, week out.

“Since my election as Speaker in 2009 I have remained every bit as active as MP for Buckingham. Pursuing thousands of new cases. Battling for local services and against unwanted developments, including unsuitable planning applications and the ruinously expensive HS2 project.

“In Westminster, I have worked to increase scrutiny of Government, given backbench MPs more opportunities to speak up for their areas, hosted over a thousand charitable events in Speaker’s House and fought to reconnect Parliament with the public we are paid to serve.

“As convention requires, I am standing as the Speaker seeking re-election. Naturally, I thank other parties for backing my campaign, but it is above all your support that I seek. On the strength of my track record, continuing commitment and determination to restore faith in Parliament, I ask you to support me on 8th June to continue as Buckingham’s Voice and Parliament’s Speaker.”